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black bubblegum wants you to show off your insane creative talents and design a bbg skatedeck. If your design is chosen you will receive an actual deck with your design along with a huge swag bag full of bbg sh*t and a ton of other goodies. [details]
How to enter:
. Download the skate deck. [download template]
2. Put some crazy sh*t on the skate deck.
3. Email the skate deck to the mad scientist.

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We at black bubblegum don't enjoy sitting around, reading poetry and curling up in the fetal position. We like to drink a cold beverage, sit on our girlfriend and watch scary movies. You should too.
1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is criminally underrated. bbg loves sequels. Especially sequels as badass as this. It's not gonna be another chainsaw massacre, but sit back, relax and eat yarrrr meat.

Quote: Drayton: No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat. I've got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the Family.

2. Troll 2

We don't wanna read anymore reviews like "my sister made me watch this" or "I turned it off in the first 5 minutes". Some people don't get it. Some people like to write shitty reviews. How can you not dig the weird ass dad, psycho mom and gnarly overacting kid??? And Grampa??? Row row row your boat!!!

Quote: Drugstore Owner: Are you crazy, boy? We're vegetarians here in Nilbog. Didn't you know that? Here's some Nilbog milk. Special milk. High in vitamin content. Here, it's free...

3. Alligator 2: The Mutation

We keep reading "unfortunate sequel"!!! We get that it's just another cheesey animal horror flick but come on!!! Have you people heard of acting??? Plus you get sweet wrestling action & Kane Hodder?? And old Henry the Wino rules.

Quote: Okay the script wasn't that great on this one...

4. Motel Hell

Honestly, we didn't know what was going on until the first hour of the movie, But duuude, if grampa can marry that chick... that opens a lot of doors for a lot of people! Great characters, great plot and no preservatives!!! A goot goot! Now get "creative".

Quote: Vincent Smith: There's too many people in the world and not enough food. Now this takes care of both problems at the same time.

5. Night of the Demons

Warning: Sex & Nudity. Violence & Gore. Profanity. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking. Frightening/intense scenes throughout, including demonic possession, friends forced to attack and kill each other, abandonment in scary locations, and the walking dead... What the hell are you waiting for?

Quote: Angela: [Possessed] What's the matter Judy? Don't you like your blind date?


The King of Kong A Fistful of Quarters

Set against the backdrop of competitive classic video-gaming, King of Kong is the story of one man's quest to dethrone video game legend and hot-sauce peddler Billy Mitchell's high score in the titular video game. Calling King of Kong a documentary about video games, however, would be huge mischarecterization, akin to saying Willie Nelson plays some guitar and smokes a little pot. We all know Willie plays some guitar and smokes a lot of pot. Willie gets hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

More to the point, King of Kong is a recasting and retelling of the classic good vs. evil, David vs. Goliath story. Fulfilling the role of the nice guy everyman is Steve Wiebe, a family man and teacher from suburban Washington state whose journey to set the new Donkey Kong high score serves as the story's framework. Hellbent on maintaining his tenuous grasp on his spot in history is Mitchell, an egomaniac and hero to pasty virgins everywhere.


bubbles. liquor and whores.

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Can I put a link on
my site to your site?
-sophia, RUSSIA

Hell YES you can Sophia! In fact that's the backbone of bbg. You put us up and we'll put you up. Send us your URL's & logos and we'll put 'em up on the bbg black pack page. And say hello to Nikolai Volkoff for us!!!

When the hell is the store gonna be up?
-mopey, MN

blackbubblegum is putting some finishing touches on sweet & sticky bbg sh*t including t's, posters, bbg munny & other top secret propaganda. Look for the store to launch in Late Aprill.

Is that Captain Spaulding on the
comic contest ad?
-Numnuts, CA

You better believe that is Captain Spaudling Numnuts. We at bbg love Sid Haig — in fact, bubbles the butcher is conjuring up something special on Sid as we speak!

Can I advertise on
your site? Who
would I contact?

black bubblegum wants you to advertise on the site! Contact the mad scientist to hear about our sweet site launch advertising special!

Are you really based out of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? I didn't even think that place
was real?

Daisy, NM

Wasn't real? So Cactus Sack has been lying to us this whole time? Please, Daisy. Please.

Put your 2 cents in. Contact black bubblegum — if we use your email we'll send you this limited edition bbg "Live Fast, Die Young" 11x17 poster. [click here to view poster]


1. The Sword - Gods of the Earth

2. The Mist - DVD

3. Trailer Park Boys - the Movie

4. Red Hulk

5. Old AWA wrestling on ESPN Classic.

6. UFC on SPIKE!

7. Yahoo fantasy baseball

8. Cloverfield DVD

9. Garbage Pail Kids

10.Thrice - The Alchemy Index vol. III-IV

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On April 7th, 1933 Prohibition was repealed to allow for the sale of beer. On April 8th, nervous housewives everywhere perfected their storytelling skills explaining away black eyes to the neighbors. And everything has been right with the
world since.

It's no secret that the gluttons behind black bubblegum like to unwind after a hard day at the slaughterhouse with a beer or eleven. We're sick of telling the same old drinking stories. It's time for you to regale us with your best drinking adventures. The bbg reader with the best ale tale will be the recipient of a limited edition bbg t-shirt, "Live Fast, Die Young" 11x17 poster and a coupon for one free liver transplant at Bubbles the Butcher's Organ Transplant Emporium and
Massage Parlor.



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